FCIR Project Tracks Funding Behind Florida’s Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Voter’s Edge Florida is a partnership between the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and nonprofit political money tracker MapLight.

Floridians will vote in November on 11 proposed constitutional amendments. These amendments, if passed, will enact sweeping changes to the Florida Constitution.

The proposed amendments include giving the Florida Legislature greater control of the state Supreme Court, allowing public money to go to religious organizations, and providing tax breaks to businesses and senior citizens.

Use Voter’s Edge Florida

Start researching the money and influence behind this year’s proposed constitutional amendments.

But what does a Yes or No vote mean on each of the constitutional amendments? Which organizations are supporting and opposing these amendments? And how much money are these organizations spending to sway voter opinion?

To help answer these questions, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, in partnership with the nonprofit political money tracker MapLight, has launched Voter’s Edge Florida.

Voter’s Edge Florida offers citizens and journalists a resource for information about the ballot measures, including:

  • Campaign Finance
    • How much money has been raised for and against each proposed constitutional amendment.
    • The top 10 list of contributors for and against each proposed constitutional amendment and their total contributions.
  • Endorsements
    • Names of organizations and individuals who have publicly indicated support of or opposition to each proposed constitutional amendment.
  • News
    • All of the latest news articles related to a proposed constitutional amendment.
  • Editorials
    • Editorials and opinion pieces written for and against each proposed constitutional amendment.
  • Advertisements
    • Advertisements being run by the official campaigns to support and oppose each proposed constitutional amendment.
  • Summary information
    • What a Yes or a No vote would mean.
    • Additional information — for example, a link to the full text for the proposed constitutional amendment.

FCIR will update Voter’s Edge Florida until Election Day as additional state financial records, endorsements and editorials become available. FCIR reporter/blogger Ashley Lopez, the lead researcher for Voter’s Edge Florida, also will write about the most newsworthy developments concerning the 11 proposed amendments.

Use Voter’s Edge Florida and spread the word to your friends and colleagues. But don’t stop there; become part of the project. If you find endorsements or editorials about the amendments, or have a tip about money in politics that FCIR should pursue, email the project staff.