First published March 8, 2017; last updated July 3, 2017.

About This Project

Trump Watch: Florida is a new project of the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting to collect and curate Florida documents related to President Donald J. Trump, as well as his companies and properties, his family, and his family’s companies and properties.

The extraordinary opaqueness of the president’s business dealing and finances is not in the public interest, and projects such as this are intended to make more accessible documents related to Trump, his family, and their businesses and investments. We hope this project encourages others in regions around the country where Trump has business interests. The goal is to provide the transparency the president has not.

We believe the murkiness of the president’s finances justifies and necessitates projects such as this one, and we hope this project encourages other ones in other regions where Trump has business or real estate interests.

While FCIR may report stories from records found here, our purpose is to make these records available to other journalists as they pursue their own stories. During the Republican presidential primary, we made former Gov. Jeb Bush’s email accessible and searchable. What you’ll find here is a resource. If you find something interesting, report on it for your news organization. If you use a document provided here, please credit the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting somewhere in your story. And, of course, send us your story so we can share it.

How You Can Help

  • Donate: FCIR is a modestly funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and this project is funded largely by individual donations, most of them contributions of $50 or less. Your donation to FCIR can help us sustain Trump Watch: Florida.
  • Send Us Documents: Know of a Florida lawsuit or business dealing we don’t have here? Tell us. Have some Trump documents you want to leak? You can do it anonymously. You can email us at To contact us anonymously, you can use PGP encryption. Or simply create a temporary email account at ProtonMail and send us your documents. In the event you send us a newsworthy document that FCIR does not have the resources to report on properly, we will partner with a national or state news organization.
  • Ideas: If you have any suggestions for how to assist this project, please email us.

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