Drained: A Podcast About the Massive Plan to Save the Everglades

From rivers of toxic slime to a mind-boggling plan to inject a giant bubble of freshwater 1,000 feet underground, "Drained" examines the massive plan to restore the river of grass and poses the big question about the future of this natural wonder: Can it be saved?

Drowning by Sunrise

Black teenager Damain Martin begged police for help as he drowned. His death was ruled an accident.

Trump Watch: Florida Documents

Trump Watch: Florida is a project to collect and curate Florida documents related to President Trump, as well as his companies and properties, his family, and his family’s companies and properties.

Sunshine State Still Has Shadows Over Open Records Laws

Florida earned a score of 61 (D-), tying it for 30th among 50 in the ranking and assessment of state government accountability and transparency by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity.

The DEA’s Castoff

A former Colombian drug trafficker spent decades working undercover for the United States. Now, the government informant says he faces deportation, which could prove deadly.

In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change’

State environmental officials ordered not to use the terms “climate change” or “global warming” in any government communications, emails, or reports, according to former employees, consultants, volunteers and records.

Florida’s Shrinking Workforce, Part 4: The Overview

Over the last decade, Florida has shed thousands of state jobs and it is evident throughout a host of state agencies that these staff reductions have prevented Florida’s government from doing its job effectively.

Florida’s Toll Lane Boom

An analysis by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting shows that the toll lane projects began thanks to state-funded reports produced by a think tank funded in part by toll lane developers.

State Fingerprint System Flawed, More Expensive To Maintain Than To Build

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's troubled five-year-old automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) has cost far more to maintain than it did to design and build because of technical problems. It is now so unstable that it is causing delays during investigations and arrests across the state.

Florida Leads Nation in Boating Deaths

Lax regulations on safety equipment and few mandates for formal boating safety education have made the Sunshine State’s world-famous waters hazardous.

Excerpt: The Terror Factory

FCIR Associate Director Trevor Aaronson's new book documents how the FBI has built a vast network of informants to infiltrate Muslim communities and, in some cases, cultivate phony terrorist plots.

New Laws Challenge Constitution and Coffers

Gov. Rick Scott and Florida’s Republican-led legislature have become the national vanguard for testing the boundaries of accepted constitutional protections.